Crankbrothers F11 & F16 Multi-Tools Do It All

Having the right tools at hand can make all the difference. Whether you’re on a challenging mountain trail or a smooth city road, unexpected issues can arise. Crankbrothers understands this need and has introduced two exceptional multi-tools in their F-Series: the F11 and F16. Let’s delve into what makes these tools a must-have for every cyclist.

Crankbrothers F11: Compact Yet Comprehensive

The F11 multi-tool is a game-changer for riders with tubeless tires. With its innovative design, plugging a punctured tire becomes a breeze. The tool also offers storage for extra plugs and a chain link, ensuring you’re always prepared.Key features of the F11 include:

  • Hex tools ranging from 2 to 8mm
  • T25 Torx tool, Phillips and standard screwdrivers
  • A tire plug tool accompanied by 3 plugs
  • A weight of just 136g
  • A 5-year warranty

The F11’s magnetic case not only ensures safe storage but also doubles as a handle, providing the feel of a full-size toolset. Bonus features include a chain link holder and a bottle opener, making it a versatile companion for any ride.

Crankbrothers F16: The Ultimate Cycling Companion

The F16 multi-tool takes the utility up a notch. Like the F11, it’s perfect for tubeless tire riders and offers easy tire plugging. The additional features make it an indispensable tool for more extensive repairs and adjustments.Key features of the F16 include:

  • Hex tools ranging from 2 to 8mm
  • T25 Torx tool, Phillips and standard screwdrivers
  • A tire plug tool with 3 plugs and a chain tool
  • Spoke wrenches from #0 to #3
  • A weight of 182g
  • A 5-year warranty

The F16’s magnetic case serves as a handle and includes bonus features like a bottle opener, valve core remover, and chain link holder.

Crankbrothers’ F-Series multi-tools, the F11 and F16, are more than just tools; they’re a cyclist’s best friend. Compact, durable, and packed with features, they ensure you’re always ready to tackle any challenge on your ride. So, whether you’re a professional cyclist or someone who rides for leisure, these tools are a worthy addition to your kit.






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