Achieve Perfect Cleat Alignment Every Time with Crankbrothers

Crankbrothers' new cleat tool ensures consistent cleat alignment and prevents twisting during installation, compatible with SPD, Time & CB cleats.

Achieve Perfect Cleat Alignment Every Time with Crankbrothers

Setting up bike cleats can be a hassle, but Crankbrothers' new cleat tool simplifies the process, ensuring consistent alignment and preventing frustrating twists during installation.

Crankbrothers Cleat Tool Details:

  • Ensures consistent cleat alignment and positioning
  • Prevents twisting during bolt tightening
  • Depth gauge for shim setup with Crankbrothers pedals
  • Compatible with SPD, Time & CB cleats
  • Price: $5.99 USD
  • Available at

The tool fits Shimano SPD and Time Atac cleats, as well as Crankbrothers' own. Its design helps gauge cleat position and angle accurately, holding the cleat securely while you tighten the bolts. The depth gauge is especially useful for Crankbrothers pedals, helping to determine the right number of spacers needed for optimal pedal connection.

Made from 67% recycled nylon, this cleat tool is not only eco-friendly but also backed by a lifetime warranty, making it a reliable addition to your cycling toolkit for just $6.

Check it out at Crankbrothers.