Cory Wallace: Canada's Mountain Biking Nomad

Cory Wallace: Canada's Mountain Biking Nomad

From the peaks of Kilimanjaro to the vastness of the Serengeti, Cory Wallace’s mountain biking escapades have painted a picture of an unstoppable wanderlust that few can rival. Dubbed the “most interesting man in Canadian mountain biking,” Wallace’s remarkable journeys on two wheels have left many in awe. Yet, it’s not just the destinations that make his adventures notable; it’s his personal touch, the unique approach to travel, and the stories he collects along the way.

Born in Jasper, Alberta, Wallace is no stranger to challenging terrains. He’s not just biked across prominent locations such as Madagascar, but also won prestigious races in diverse regions like Central America and Italy. His accolades don’t end there. With victories at events such as the LifeTime Grand Prix, BC Bike Race, and other renowned events across Western Canada, he has proven his mettle time and again.

However, what truly sets Wallace apart from other elite racers is his travel approach. While many accrue frequent flyer miles jetting from one race to the next, Wallace embraces the art of bikepacking. He often travels between races on his bike, immersing himself deeply in the local culture, staying with the natives, and forging lifelong connections.

Diving Deep into the Nomadic Soul

Stirl and Rae Media Haus brings this exceptional narrative to life with their new film, The Nomad. Spotlighting Wallace’s recent expedition to Guatemala, the film provides a glimpse into his unparalleled travel ethos. Wallace reminisces about his first tryst with Guatemala in 2008 during a bike tour. The country, with its pulsating energy, vast jungles, majestic volcanoes, and expansive highlands, seemed like a dream for Wallace’s nomadic spirit. Over the years, his bond with the nation has only grown stronger, with his explorations taking him to hidden gems like Lago Atitlan and Sierra de los Cuchumatanes Mountains.

Interestingly, this isn’t the first time Albertan mountain biking has been in the spotlight. The Western Canadian landscape has seen a surge in nomadic narratives, hinting at an innate wanderlust in the local mindset.

The Nomad’s Journey

Kona, Wallace’s dedicated sponsor, describes him as someone who seamlessly intertwines adventure, racing, and travel. His journeys span continents, from Mongolia to Nepal and Australia to Italy. Yet, his adventures aren’t solely for the thrill. With a heart of gold, Wallace integrates humanitarian missions into his trips. From fundraising endeavors in Nepal to encouraging kids to experience the joy of biking, his travels always leave a positive imprint.

Wallace’s adventures in Guatemala took another turn this February when he participated in the El Reto, a four-day stage event. Matt Clark from Stirl and Rae Media shadowed him, capturing not just the racer, but the man behind the adventures. The film encapsulates Cory’s essence, showcasing his immersion into local cultures, fostering connections, and his ability to remain grounded amidst the daily hustle.

In Wallace’s own words, every day in countries like Guatemala is an enthralling adventure. Regardless of language barriers, the cycling community worldwide remains united, with bikes serving as the universal bond. For Cory Wallace, every ride is a story, every destination a new chapter, and every local connection a lifelong memory.