Continental Unveils ContiTPU: The Ultra-Light, Ultra-Tough Cycling Tube

Explore the new ContiTPU tubes from Continental, offering an ultra-lightweight, durable option for cyclists. Engineered with a unique 7-layer TPU, available now.

Continental Unveils ContiTPU: The Ultra-Light, Ultra-Tough Cycling Tube

Continental has just released their latest innovation in cycling technology, the ContiTPU tubes, redefining the concept of lightweight durability in bike inner tubes. Engineered in Germany, these tubes utilize a sophisticated 7-layer construction of thermoplastic polyurethane, ensuring an impressive blend of toughness and lightness. What sets the ContiTPU apart is not just its construction but also its versatility, covering a range of sizes that promise compatibility with most road, gravel, and mountain bikes. This makes it a standout choice, especially for cyclists who have yet to transition to tubeless setups but still seek an ultra-light spare tube solution.


  • Material: 7-layer thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU)
  • Weight: Starts from 35g for road bikes
  • Compatibility: Three sizes available, stretching to fit tire widths up to 60mm
  • Features: 100% made in Germany, includes self-adhesive repair patches
  • Special Notes: Not suitable for wheels with rim brakes due to heat sensitivity

The introduction of the ContiTPU tubes marks a significant step forward for cyclists who demand the best in both performance and practicality, offering a compelling option for those carrying a spare tube for emergencies. These tubes are not just lightweight but also come with easy-to-use repair patches, unlike many other TPU tube options that require separate purchases. Priced competitively, the ContiTPU tubes are now available for purchase through local bike shops and online retailers, though they may be in limited supply initially.