Cloutier Sentenced to Just 17 Years for 2021 Flagstaff Bike Party Crash

17-Year Sentence for Negligent Homicide and Child Pornography Raises Questions About Justice in Vehicle-Related Crimes

How surprising, once again plowing your vehicle into people warrants just a slap on the wrist. Before you complain that 17 years isn't a slap on the wrist, let's read:

As part of Flagstaff Police Department’s investigation as to whether Cloutier may have been distracted while driving at the time of the crash, detectives discovered evidence of child pornography on his cellphone. The police report cited analysis software matching the phone’s contents to a database of known child exploitation material, leading to a second search warrant to support a new investigation.


Reed said little directly to Cloutier during hearing, which lasted roughly an hour and a half, but opted for the longest sentence available under the November plea agreement due to the aggravating factors significantly outweighing the mitigating factors.

Cloutier’s plea deal included three charges from the crash and two from the ensuing investigation. Sentenced to six years for negligent homicide and 30 days apiece for two counts of causing serious physical injury or death with a moving vehicle, Cloutier’s incarceration time increased to the total of 17 years with separate charges of sexual exploitation of a minor and attempted sexual exploitation of a minor.

Stipulated for 10 to 17 years for the first count in the second case, Cloutier was given the maximum that will run concurrent to all charges. Additionally, Cloutier must serve the entirety of his 17-year sentence, must register as a sex offender and will face lifetime probation upon his release from prison.

There was more time on the sentence for exploitation and attempted exploitation of a minor than the amount of time for killing someone on a bike and injuring 29 others! What the actual fuck is going on in this country.

30 days apiece for two counts of causing serious physical injury or death with a moving vehicle

What a fucking sham.

The Aztecs sacrificed to Quetzalcoatl, the Babylonians sacrificed to Moloch, and Americans sacrifice to the Automobile. Offering the blood of victims to the gods as a pious sacrifice is what ensures one's way of life can continue: that the sun will rise, crops will grow, and key industries will remain profitable. Perhaps it is regrettable that some people must die, but what can we do? One dare not oppose the will of the gods. If anything, when people who ride bicycles and walk on two feet are maimed or killed, they suffer because they are not sufficiently reverent to the will of god, and so if they die so that others might profit, there is some justice in that... The Modern Moloch: