It’s on for 2021! Here’s the deets:

You must be new here…let me break it down:

What? – Cinco de Grindo

WHAT? -Its just uh free thing to do on your bike ya namby pamby!

Sick!! – No, its actually quite healthy

When? – Saturday, October 2nd, 9ish

Where?Kettle and Spoke Brewery in Boulder 

What Should I Expect? – This year we’re doin things uh bit different. This here aint yer usual ride.


Yup, get ready froomie and phinney, just like thuh tour de whatever, ya can earn points to add to your time and getcherself on thuh podium. At thuh start, all y’all will get a scorecard to keep trach of yer progress. Do somethin on thuh card, and get a point. More points, better finish!

A Sneak peek fer yuh: (yer gunna get a copy of thuh list after yuh sign up)

-Hit a Checkpoint? Getcherself a point

-Wear a bolo? Getcherself a point

-Drank a beer? Getcherself a point

-See a deer? Getchershelf a point

-Do a wheelie? Getcherself a point

-Stop for a smoke? Getcherself a point

-Say howdy to a cowboy? Getchershelf a point

-High Five a Park ranger? Getcherself a point

-Bring somethin yuh got from a previous Cinco de Grindo? Getcherself a point 


As always, come prepared for a few stationed checkpoints with water and other dranks and a taco bar at the finish. Its uh good local brewery, buy a beer 

Y Tho? – Who cares? Ridin yer bike is fun

What should I bring? – yer Cowboy attire and a pen or pencil. And yer bike, too.

The Course

All ya really gotta do is stop by the checkpoints, whichll be shared soon, but if you aint got big enough britches to figure out how to get there yerself and depend on technology to make ya feel safe n sound, just download the thing to your gps:  

More info at