Chris King Unveils the ARD44: The First All-Road FusionFiber Wheelset with Aesthetic Makeover

Chris King Unveils the ARD44: The First All-Road FusionFiber Wheelset with Aesthetic Makeover

In a significant move in the cycling world, Chris King has just launched the ARD44, a trailblazing all-road wheel, promising to revolutionize the cyclist’s experience across different terrains. This new offering, developed in partnership with CSS Composites – the inventors of FusionFiber™ technology, highlights the potential of thermoplastic carbon fiber in crafting high-performance cycling gear.

The ARD44 Wheelset, which incorporates King’s cutting-edge R45D hub and a 44mm deep FusionFiber™ rim, surpasses rigorous industry standards. This combination guarantees unmatched power transfer, speed, and stability, making it perfect for serious cyclists who seek uncompromised speed on all terrains, including flats, climbs, and corners.

The superior damping attributes of Fusion Fiber’s thermoplastic technology in the ARD44’s rim offer a stable, responsive, and nimble ride. It significantly reduces rider fatigue and unnecessary road feedback, ensuring better traction and a comfortable, smooth ride. As Wheel Product Manager at Chris King, Greg Hudson, puts it, “We mistook the harsh ride that high-pressure tires setup produced for speed. These ARD44 wheels represent everything we’ve come to understand about what makes riders faster.”

The ARD44 Wheelset is aerodynamically designed for 28mm-32mm tires and can accommodate up to 47mm due to its 25mm internal width and 30.5mm external width. The TSS hookless, tubeless rim design enhances the interface between the tire and rim bed, making installation and maintenance a breeze.

With its R45D hub at the core, the wheelset encapsulates the essence of Chris King’s renowned RingDrive™ system, offering 45 points of simultaneous engagement for maximal pedal stroke engagement. The brand’s reputation is built on the efficiency of this high-engagement core and the durability of their in-house bearings.

The ARD44 Wheelset, now available through authorized Chris King dealers and on the Chris King website, comes in all the 2023 color finishes to coordinate with any bike. It comes with a lifetime warranty, reflecting Chris King’s commitment to quality and durability.

Alongside the ARD44 wheelset, Chris King also introduces a fresh look for their FusionFiber wheels, with the GRD23, MTN30, and the new ARD44 now featuring a unified logo mark. The new design is a subtle reinterpretation of the iconic Chris King logo, perfectly complementing the gloss finish of the King FusionFiber wheels.

The FusionFiber™ technology at the heart of the ARD44 is a proprietary process from the USA-based CSS Composites. Compared to traditional carbon fiber rims, FusionFiber™ rims are more robust, durable, have superior handling, and are recyclable, all without additional weight.

The ARD44 Wheelset, available at an MSRP of $2850, promises to redefine the cycling experience by blending speed, comfort, and handling with sustainability. This cutting-edge innovation marks a significant milestone in the evolution of high-performance cycling gear.