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Chris King Announces Lifetime Warranty

Awesome news from Chris King:

We at Chris King Precision Components have been standing behind our products and bearings since 1976 and we think it’s about time to make it official. Announcing the King Lifetime Warranty:

We make long-lasting, precision components and we stand behind them. Our parts and bearings are designed to be fully serviceable, but if you actually manage to damage one, the King Lifetime Warranty means that we will repair any part that hinders the function of your component free of charge.    

Chris King headsets, hubs, and bottom brackets are designed to be the last you will ever need. As a manufacturer we have gone to great lengths to minimize our environmental impact, such as using canola oil instead of traditional cutting fluid so that we can recapture, clean, and reuse it indefinitely. But the impact of our manufacturing goes well beyond making parts in an environmentally friendly way. The impact of what we make includes the entire lifespan of the part as it is ridden, serviced, and ridden more. This is why we design our bearings to be fully serviceable. We don’t want bearings to be thrown away and replaced, we want them to keep getting even faster and smoother with age. If Chris King parts keep performing like or even better than new then fewer bike parts will end up in landfills and less manufacturing is needed to keep your bike rolling, further minimizing our environmental impact.

As Syndicate mechanic Doug Hatfield once told us, “Chris King parts are not tear offs!”

This means a lot to us and distills down to exactly what we are aiming for; the longer we can keep parts on your bike the less parts end up in the landfill.

With the introduction of The King Lifetime Warranty we are proud to say that all of our carbon wheels are lifetime warranty wheels ready to take on any path you put in front of them and be ready for more.

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