Celebrate Women's March Month on Zwift with the Iceni Women’s Race Series

Celebrate Women's March Month on Zwift with the Iceni Women’s Race Series

The Warrior Games is celebrating Women’s Month in March on Zwift with The Iceni Women’s Series. Four races across four Saturdays.

To sign up head to https://www.zwift.com/events/tag/iceni –>

Information from Warrior Games:

The Warrior Games, would like to celebrate Women’s March month by presenting to you ” The Iceni Women’s Series ” a fun 4 challenging races, on every Saturday for all powerhouses from A+ to D.

After the success in The Tour de Boudicca  A+  women’s category, we will be adding PEN E for ladies  with an average of  4.2 w/kg +. 

The Iceni tribe was ‘peacefully annexed’ by the Roman Empire at some point before 47 AD, though it was allowed some autonomy. When the king died and Boudicca I became High Queen of Iceni, the Roman Empire saw her unfit to rule and invaded the region. Iceni led a revolt against the Roman Empire in c.60 AD and regained its independence, along with the independence of several other tribes. This led to the subsequent formation of the Comhairle, an alliance of the British tribes. Iceni had a major say in Comhairle affairs and became an important center of trade, military, and leadership.

Entry Information and Rules

The Iceni Women’s Series, would like to challenge all the women warriors of Zwift, by providing 4 challenges on every Saturday in  March at 6 pm GMT/10 am PST/2pm EST/5 am AEST.  The challenges will consist in iTT, Climb, Sprint and CRIT. 

Celebrate Women’s month in the best way possible! Drop mad watts and show them all what you are made of!

  • All entrants must have a ZwiftPower account and a Category assigned.
  • After the success in Tour de Boudicca A+ women’s category, we will be adding PEN E for Riders with an average from 4.2 w/kg +

Categories for The Iceni Games as follows :

  • A+:    4.2 w/kg + (Pen E)
  • A :    3.7 w/kg – 4.19 w/kg (Pen A)
  • B :    3.2 w/kg – 3.69 w/kg (Pen B)
  • C :    2.5 w/kg – 3.19 w/kg (Pen C)
  • D :    <2.49 w/kg (Pen D)
  • Heart Rate Monitors (HRM) are obligatory for all categories. Note: If or during the race your HRM drops/malfunction, you may be allowed to keep your results if it’s not intentional and your HR graph clearly shows a malfunction. HR in a dual record may also help. Contact organisers within 2 hours after the race has concluded.
  • We have chosen to exclude from the results any zPower users (i.e. those using a classic trainer + speed sensor) and users with no heart rate data present for the event.
  • Riders exceeding 5w/kg will be reviewed by the organisers. 
  • TT bikes/Discs Wheels allowed only for Challenge 1.
  • Power-ups to be disabled for Time Trial only.
  • Riders should ensure power meters and smart trainers are calibrated / zeroed out prior to each race.
  • Riders will be disqualified if they race with no HRM 
  • Any complaints, please bring them forward within 2 hours after the Stage race has concluded.

 Challenges :

  • Challenge  1 (TT) Saturday 6th March  – iTT Tempus Fugit (1 lap) Length:17.3 km (10.7 miles)/ Lead-In: 2.4 km (1.5 miles)  

We start the Iceni women’s race series with 20 km iTT, to test your power as we take you to the Watopia Desert, as you go full on speed enjoy the landmarks such as the Cliff dwellings, the oasis, Dinosaurs fossils, Waterfall and Saddle springs! 

  • Challenge  2 (Climb) Saturday 13th March-Achterbahn ( 1 Lap) Length: 47.38 km (29.4 miles)/Elevation: 973 m (3,192‘)/Lead-In: 0.2 km (0.1 miles)

For this challenge we are taking you to Innsbruck, this route is more than a rollercoaster as it covers all of Innsbruck roads in all directions, get ready to ignite your inner goat! We will be awarding a “Mountain Goat” recognition badge to best time efforts in both directions of the QOM in  A+, A, B, C & D. 

  • Challenge 3 Saturday 2oth March  (Sprint ) – Classique ( 6 laps )  Length: 5.4 km (3.4 miles)/Lead-In: 5.7 km (3.5 miles)

London’s Calling! Time for some fast and furious sprints, this challenge will test you in every lap. We will be awarding a “Wattigal” recognition badge to the fastest sprint in A+, A, B, C & D. 

  • Challenge 4 (CRit) Saturday 27th March– Bell Lap ( 15 laps) Length: 1.9 km (1.2 miles)/Lead-In: 0.1 km (0.1 miles)

The last challenge of The Iceni Women’s series, we will end this with an all in, full gas CRIT! 15 laps of Bell Lap with a twisty climb and false flat. This course will make you sweat from the beginning to the end!  


  • Top 25 finishers will receive points where the first placed rider will receive the maximum of 25 points decreasing down to one point for the 25th placed rider.
  • Points awarded after each week’s race will be accumulated with the previous week’s points updating the results board accordingly. Results will be released on the Tuesday following the Saturday’s event.
  • Recognition for the sprinters and climbers of the sprint and QOM stages will also be given when the results are released. (no points will be awarded towards your result.)
  • At the end of the 4 weeks a full results list, with top 25 positions, will be released using all points accumulated throughout the series.