Canyon Bikes Are Finally Available In the US

It’s almost been a full year since Canyon announced that its bikes would be available stateside. It was welcome news from the German bike manufacturer who’s bikes were only available to U.S. customers by way of complicated and sketchy re-shipping operations or by making an trip abroad to buy one in person. Originally, the U.S. launch was slated for spring 2017. For unclear reasons that launch was delayed. Now late into summer, Canyon’s bikes are finally ready to ship from its brand-new warehouse in Chico, California.

Not all of Canyon’s line-up is available in the U.S. though. Matt Heyman, Canyon’s chief marketing officer,  told VeloNews  “[we’re] putting our toe in the water.” For now, only about 20 percent of Canyon’s line is available to customers in the states. But, that number will likely grow as Canyon’s U.S. distribution expands. U.S. sold bikes are still made in Germany and will still only be available as direct-to-consumer purchases, don’t expect to see them in a bike shop near you.