Cane Creek eeWings Now Come in Tie-Dye!

Cane Creek eeWings Now Come in Tie-Dye!
The eeWings crankset was already beautiful, now it’s drop-dead gorgeous.

Cane Creek Components just released an extremely limited quantity of eeWings titanium cranksets in a tie-dye finish. The eeWings Tie-Dye are constructed from high-grade titanium just like the standard eeWings cranks but are hand-finished in a blue/purple tie-dye color.

eeWings Tie-Dye are available in mountain sizing with 170mm and 175mm arm lengths available. The cranks weigh in at 400 grams and according to Cane Creek is 20% to 30% stiffer than comparably weighted carbon cranks.

The eeWings Tie-Dye are backed by a 10-year limited warranty. The eeWings Tie-Dye cranks retail for $1,100 and are available in extremely limited quantities.

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