Cane Creek Announces 3D-Printed Titanium eMTB Cranks

Cane Creek Announces 3D-Printed Titanium eMTB Cranks

PRESS RELEASE: Cane Creek Cycling Components

Cane Creek introduces their next offering of titanium cranks, the Cane Creek Electric Wings, to join their iconic eeWings. A crankset designed specifically for the rigors eMTBs face, the innovative Electric Wings are 3D-printed from titanium, resulting in a product that is both incredibly durable and lightweight.

With the Electric Wings, riders can experience the benefit of carbon cranks, without the fear of damage from rock strikes. Electric Wings are as light as carbon, yet as durable as heavy aluminum cranks, making them the perfect choice for those looking to maximize their ride time with confidence.

A New Level of Durability

Break rocks – not cranks – with the Cane Creek Electric Wings. eMTBs are known for taking a beating on rough terrain, which can easily compromise the integrity of carbon cranksets. With the Electric Wings, riders can now enjoy peace of mind, knowing that their cranks are up to the challenge. Whether riders are climbing through a rock garden or hucking to flat, the Electric Wings will give riders the confidence needed to tackle any obstacle.

Lightweight & Stiff

Weighing a mere 383grams – Electric Wings are as light as carbon eMTB cranks while still maintaining one of the best stiffness to weight ratios on the market – Constructed from 6/4 Titanium

3D-Printed Titanium

Implementing advanced additive manufacturing techniques enable freedom in design, opening the door for Cane Creek to set a new benchmark for durability with a titanium crankset designed for electric-assist mountain bikes.

Reduced Pedal “Overhang”

Electric Wings minimize the overall size and “overhang” of material located beyond the pedal insert. This revolutionary manufacturing technique and resulting design drastically reduce pedal strikes compared to standard eMTB cranks.

Rock strikes happen, and are even more common on ebikes, particularly while climbing due to the difference in crank cadence created by the electric assist… It’s not a matter of IF you will hit your cranks on the ground but WHEN. We have always believed that Titanium is a superior crank material, for more than just the bling factor. It truly does provide real rider benefits.

—Sam Anderson, Cane Creek Brand Manager
    • 383g (Including All Hardware)
    • 3D-Printed 6/4 Titanium
    • 165mm
    • ISIS
    • Bafang
    • Bosch
    • Brose
    • Fazua
    • Panasonic
    • Q
    • Yamaha
    • 5 Years


Cane Creek Electric Wings are now available at select Cane Creek dealers, distributors and factory direct at These 3D-Printed Titanium eMTB Cranks are $1299.99 and shipments of 165mm length cranks are expected to begin in March