Camp And Go Slow: Invigorating the Spirit of Adventure Cycling with Timeless Products

Camp And Go Slow: Invigorating the Spirit of Adventure Cycling with Timeless Products

On the quiet trails of Doyle, CA, a novel cycling movement is gaining momentum. Inspired by the rustic charm and untrammeled beauty of the Lost Sierra, a company named Camp And Go Slow is captivating the hearts of cycling enthusiasts with products that not only serve a purpose but also narrate a story. With the launch of their spring collection, this alternate cycling trendsetter gives adventure cycling a refreshing new spin.

Emerging from a passion project, Camp And Go Slow has established itself as a phenomenon in the alternate cycling world. The philosophy fueling their creativity is refreshingly different – savor the journey, relish every pedal stroke, and don’t sweat about chasing podiums or breaking records. It’s about the camaraderie of the ride, not the competition.

As more and more riders are trading asphalt for the raw, untamed trails of gravel, Camp And Go Slow provides an enriching outlook on this booming cycling segment. Their product line is not confined to the utilitarian but is an eclectic mix of limited-edition seasonal items aimed at making your rides a joyous experience.

Among the highlights of their spring launch is a substantial restock of their bestseller – the woven Rattler Tape, an offering that has stirred the cycling community with its unique design and quality. This bar tape, which pays tribute to the patterns of the Diamondback Rattlesnake, offers two distinct styles – Western and Eastern.

Each roll of tape, measuring 3300mm, is designed to easily wrap around the widest of drop bars, leaving ample material for your creative pursuits. The tape is a blend of durable nylon, backed with a 1.5mm thick layer of foam to ensure comfort even on the roughest terrains. Interestingly, the tape comes packed in a reusable ripstop nylon bag made in Pennsylvania, showcasing the brand’s commitment to sustainability.

In addition to the popular Rattler Tape, the spring drop includes an array of items designed to add a dash of joy to your ride – bags, mugs, and other small items that serve both functional and aesthetic purposes.

So as the gravel crunches beneath your wheels and the wind sings in your ears, let Camp And Go Slow’s products be your companions, reminding you of the essence of adventure cycling – taking your time, enjoying the journey, and above all, having fun. Their products are not just accessories; they’re a statement, a testament to the timeless charm of adventure cycling.

Camp And Go Slow’s woven Rattler Tape and other spring collection items are available for purchase, with the Rattler Tape priced at $44.