BTCHN' Unveils the Revolutionary Ti Drop Bar: A Fusion of Innovation and Ergonomics

BTCHN' Unveils the Revolutionary Ti Drop Bar: A Fusion of Innovation and Ergonomics
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BTCHN’ has once again raised the bar, quite literally, with the introduction of their latest masterpiece, the full titanium drop bar. This innovation comes as a breath of fresh air, promising unparalleled comfort and customization to cycling enthusiasts around the world. Let’s delve deeper into what makes the Ti Drop Bar a must-have.

A Dream Materialized

The brainchild of the creative minds at BTCHN’, the Ti Drop Bar has been years in the making. The creators have poured their heart and soul into this project, ensuring that every cyclist finds their perfect match in this drop bar. The bar promises to feel like home, adapting to your unique specifications and providing a comfortable grip for those long hours on the road.

The Magic of 3D Printing

What sets the Ti Drop Bar apart is the ingenious use of 3D printed corners, allowing for ergonomic geometries that were previously unattainable with traditional manufacturing processes. This technology not only facilitates a more natural grip but also offers a range of widths and flares, custom-made to your liking.

Titanium: The Material of Choice

Titanium stands tall as the material of choice for the Ti Drop Bar, offering more suppleness than any other material available in the market, without compromising on safety. The heavily ovalized top section is designed to provide a large surface area for your palm, enhancing comfort while reducing air resistance, a win-win situation for every cyclist.

Customization at Its Best

The Ti Drop Bar comes equipped with lightweight 3D printed PLA ergo inserts that can be installed on the drops underneath the bar tape, according to your preference. For those who prefer a more traditional drop bend, the option to leave them out is also available, showcasing the bar’s versatility.

Pre-order Now to Get Yours

After a successful unveiling at MADE, BTCHN’ is opening a pre-order window from September 6th to 17th, with the first orders set to be shipped by September 30th. The pre-order phase allows you to be among the first to own this revolutionary drop bar, tailored just for you.

Specifications and Anodizing Options

The Ti Drop Bar offers a range of specifications including:

  • 31.8mm clamp diameter
  • 87mm reach
  • 107mm drop
  • Custom width ranging from 36cm to 52cm (hoods)
  • Custom flare options from 7 to 23 degrees

To add a touch of personal style, BTCHN’ offers anodizing options such as:

  • Plain Jane: A brushed Ti with a small BTCHN’ logo anodized next to the stem clamp
  • High Voltage Fade: A vibrant magenta/turquoise option as seen in the product image
  • Low Voltage Fade: A subtle bronze/purple option for a touch of elegance

International Shipping

For cycling aficionados located outside the United States, BTCHN’ offers international shipping, ensuring that the Ti Drop Bar reaches every corner of the globe. Detailed information regarding international shipping is available on the official website, promising a hassle-free purchase experience for international buyers.