Boulder Valley Velodrome Set to Close

Boulder Valley Velodrome Set to Close
Velodrome outside of Boulder, Colorado set to close after going under contract with a buyer who plans to demolish it

The Boulder Valley Velodrome, a one-of-a-kind high-altitude, 250 meter track, is likely to close at the end of the year after a trying run for owners Frank Banta and Doug Emerson. The velodrome has survived a 500-year flood and tornado, but the resulting financial burdens have done it in.

The owners put the velodrome up for sale last year, and despite several interested parties, unfortunately no one stepped up to acquire and maintain the track. Instead, co-owner Emerson has told Bicycle Retailer and Industry News that the velodrome site has gone under a sales contract with a buyer who plans to tear down the velodrome and utilize the 4-acre property for other purposes.

Emerson did negotiate a “Hail Mary” clause in the sale agreement, which allows the facility to be sold, and live on as a velodrome, up until December 15 of this year. If no one commits by that time, the velodrome will be lost.

Truly sad news. I remember following the development, land acquisition, construction and grand opening of the velodrome with much excitement here in Colorado. To watch the velodrome shutter after just 5 years of operation hard.