Bjorn Bikes – Making A Difference with Recycled Materials

Bjorn Bikes – Making A Difference with Recycled Materials

Another day, another press release for an all-road bike. Today, it was from Bjorn Bikes, but they also have a message and methodology which is different, and in my opinion, important.

Cycling isn’t always as green as it promises to be. Tires and tubes with plenty of life in them get thrown in the trash. New tech and N+1 leaves perfectly good bikes sitting around collecting dust. And wasteful packaging and   boxing creates loads of garbage.

Bjorn Bikes was started because its founder, Dennis Beare, saw a lot of the same:

One more bike, one less car.

I remember seeing this message emblazoned on a huge booth at the end of a trade show.

And as I was reading it, a Bobcat came along and pushed the whole booth into a dumpster.

Although bikes are good for the environment, we must be able to do better overall.

Bjorn Bikes co-founder, Rob Beck, has worked in the cycling industry and as such is well accustomed to the waste and inefficiencies in manufacturing. When he suggested ways to do things better, he was met with push-back and indifference.

How is Bjorn Bikes Doing Things Different?

Word are one thing. Actions are something else entirely. Unfortunately, when it comes to environmentalism from corporations, we are mostly given a few paragraphs of green washing and self congratulation and that’s that.

From the start, Bjorn sought out materials for their environmental impact, or lack thereof. Carbon fiber was sidelined early on. The material is not recyclable, and useful lifetime is more limited. Steel, however, is recyclable and timeless, plus it doesn’t require paint or powder coating.

So, Bjorn went all in on a stainless steel all-road frame created from 60% recycled stainless steel. The fork is made of 70% recycled aluminum. Then they throw everything into a package made of 100% recycled cardboard only.


As for that frame and fork, there is clearance for up to a 700c X 45mm tire, plus dropper post routing, fitment for two water bottles, fender mounts, and of course, through axles front and rear.

Headset top cup

ZS 44
Headset Bottom cup EC 44
Bottom bracket 68mm threaded BSA
Seatpost 30.9mm
Seat clamp 34.9mm
Rear hub spacing 142x12mm rear hub spacing
Front hub spacing 12x100mm front hub spacing
Max tire size 45c
Rear brake Flat mount disc mount
Front brake Flat mount disc mount
Bottle mounts Inner down and seat tube
Dropper compatibility External down tube stealth seat tube
Fender mounts front and rear
Front derailleur Band clap 31.8mm bottom pull








Comparable Fit   52 54 56 58 60
Seat Tube A 500 520 540 560 580
Seat Tube B 460 480 500 520 540
Effective top Tube C 550 570 590 610 630
Chain stay D 435 435 435 435 435
Headtube E 125 144 165 185 200
Headtube Angle F 69 º 69 º 69 º 69 º 69 º
Seat Tube Angle G 74 º 74 º 74 º 74 º 74 º
BB Drop H 75 75 75 75 75
Wheel base I 1055 1079 1099 1120


Standover J 765 748 802.4 821.2


Stack 555 574 592.8 611.4


Reach 390.7 405.4 420 434.7


Reach with 40mm stem 450.7 565.4 580 494.7


More to Come

Bjorn Bikes has a few other projects, like their new recycled rubber grips and a future tire line produced from recycled bicycle tires as well. For more information on Bjorn Bikes see their website: