BikeYoke Sagma Suspension Saddle

BikeYoke is a German bike component manufacturer that has done a lot of innovative work with dropper posts. The brand’s Revive dropper post solves a lot of the “squishy post” issues caused by internal floating piston air leaks. Now, BikeYoke is launching another comfort oriented product, a saddle with elastomer cushions which provide side-to-side suspension and vibration dampening.

The BikeYoke Sagma features a carbon reinforced molded chassis and forged “H” beam rails. The elastomer cushions allow the saddle to move side-to-side which not only helps absorb trail noise but allows your your pelvis to move as you pedal as well. The BikeYoke SAGMA saddle weighs 130mm (208g) and 142mm (219g) and will be available with different elastomer cushions to tune your ride. The Sagma will be out in October for $129.