Bikes Must Be Repairable

Bikes Must Be Repairable

Most readers of this blog won’t think of bicycles as disposable. But the unfortunate reality is that most bikes being manufactured today are destined for the landfill after an astonishingly short lifespan.

A U.S. PIRG report outlines the increasing trend of disposable bikes and the impact on communities and the environment.

Mac recalled a charity gave out a large donation of bicycles to low-income Denver residents to help people use new bike trails. But the donated bikes were unfixable, so a few months later Mac recalled that “the dumpsters were full of these bikes.” Mac doubts the charitable donors even know the bikes they helped donate ended up breaking down so fast. 

Now, nonprofit mechanics have launched a petition for repairable bikes. Check it our and lend your support and voice. Bikes need to be accessible, but cheap bikes that last just a few months before landing in a dumpster don’t do anyone any good.

The petition calls on manufacturers and retailers to:

  • Set a minimum durability standard for bicycles to last at least 500 riding hours before breaking down, 
  • Design bikes to be serviceable and hold adjustment, with replaceable and up-gradable components, and 
  • Stop creating and selling bikes that are made to fall apart.

More information: The petition.