Beyond Familiar Episode 4: Bikepacking with Specialized

Are you even bikepacking if you’re not hiking your bike, wiping out, making wrong turns, and going completely off plan? We’d argue: no. But does that make it any less rewarding? Well, that’s up to you.

In the newest episode of Beyond Familiar, ambassador Sarah Sturm takes L. and our own Community Coordinator, Sarah Wakeen, bikepacking for their very first time. Join them as they learn, in real time, that the key ingredient to bikepacking success is having the right people with you.

This is the fourth episode in a series. Special thanks to our partners at Specialized for sharing their amazing bikes; to Sarah Sturm and Dylan Stucki for their know-how (and ability to ride one-handed through very technical terrain while holding a camera in the other hand); to Outside for their support and promotion; and last but not least, to L. Renee Blount for going Beyond Familiar.

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