Berd Sparrow Carbon Gravel Wheels: Redefining Lightweight and Durability

Berd Sparrow Carbon Gravel Wheels: Redefining Lightweight and Durability

When it comes to gravel cycling, having a lightweight and durable wheelset can make all the difference. The Berd Sparrow Carbon Gravel Wheels stand out as the pinnacle of innovation, staking their claim as the lightest 25 mm internal production gravel wheelset available today. But what truly sets them apart?

Feather-Light Yet Formidable

Tipping the scales at a mere 1,065 grams for the entire wheelset (and 1,108 grams inclusive of tape and valves), one might question their strength. However, the Sparrow wheels are crafted to withstand the rigors of any off-pavement expedition. They’re not just about lightness; they’re built to endure.

Superior Ride Comfort

Beyond their weight advantage, the Sparrow wheels promise an unparalleled ride experience. Thanks to the Berd spokes’ unique damping qualities, riders can smoothly traverse even the most challenging gravel terrains. These spokes play a pivotal role in absorbing the jarring impacts and minimizing the high-frequency vibrations that usually transfer from the surface to the cyclist.

Versatile and Adaptable

Whether you’re cruising on 28c road tires or navigating muddy terrains with 50c tires, the Sparrow wheels have got you covered. Their design caters to a broad spectrum of tire choices, ensuring that you’re always equipped for the journey ahead, regardless of the terrain.

Introducing the Berd Talon Gravel/Road Hubs

At the heart of these exceptional wheels lie the Berd Talon Gravel/Road hubs. Exclusively crafted to pair with Berd spokes, the TALON hubs showcase a sleek spoke interface. They’re not just about aesthetics; these hubs are built for performance and longevity. With removable end caps for easy maintenance, centerlock brake mounts, and a robust black anodized finish, they’re engineered for excellence. The dual-sprung 36 tooth ratchet mechanism epitomizes reliability while ensuring effortless servicing. Additionally, for those keen on compatibility, the Talon Gravel/Road hubs cater to Shimano Microspline freehubs for 12-speed GRX cassettes, Sram XDR, and the classic Shimano 11SP road freehub body.

Customization at Its Best

For those looking for a more personalized touch, Berd also offers Sparrow wheels built with Onyx Hook Flange hubs. Alternatively, you can opt for a custom build featuring the hubs of your preference, depending on availability.

Tech Specs

Sparrow Wheels with Berd Talon Hubs

Wheelset Weight:1,065 grams
Internal Rim Width:25 mm 
Rim Size:700C
Spoke Count:28 Front and Rear
Rim Type:Carbon fiber
Hub Type:Berd Talon Gravel/Road
Hub Spacing12×142 Rear/12×100 Front
Disc Brake Type:Centerlock
Freehub Options:Sram XDR, Shimano Microspline, and Shimano 11 SP
Tire Compatibility:28 mm – 50 mm
Tubeless Ready:Rim tape and valves installed
Maximum Tire Pressure:70 psi (28c Tire)
Suggested Weight Limit:250
Talon Spoke Lengths:289 mm (F Left)
291 mm (F Right)
292 mm (R Left)
289 mm (R Right)

The Ultimate Wheelset Experience

The Berd Sparrow Carbon Gravel Wheels are more than just wheels; they represent a fusion of strength, lightness, and unparalleled ride comfort. They invite riders to experience the thrill of gravel cycling with equipment that’s not just reliable but exceptional. Ready to elevate your ride? Let the Berd Sparrow wheels take you to new heights. Join us and soar through your next adventure!