Best Bike Split Unveils AI Workout Builder for Cyclists

Discover Best Bike Split's new AI Workout Builder, designed to create personalized cycling workouts tailored to your race scenarios and training goals.

Best Bike Split Unveils AI Workout Builder for Cyclists

Introducing the 'BBS AI Workout Builder': Empowering Cyclists with Personalized Structured Workouts

Austin, TX /ENDURANCE SPORTSWIRE/ – Best Bike Split (BBS), the premier platform for cycling performance optimization, is thrilled to announce the launch of its groundbreaking AI Workout Builder. This innovative tool empowers cyclists and coaches to create highly personalized, structured workouts tailored to specific race scenarios and individual training goals using a simple prompt-based interface, ushering in a new era of customized training.

Transforming Training with AI

The BBS AI Workout Builder leverages advanced artificial intelligence to design structured workouts that meet the unique needs of every cyclist. “Our goal has always been to create a comprehensive tool that supports athletes and coaches throughout the season. From setting ambitious goals to preparing meticulously for race day, BBS aims to be your ultimate partner in advanced race-specific planning, training, and execution,” said Rich Harpel, CEO of Best Bike Split. “This latest innovation helps provide key workouts to bridge this gap and help our athletes and coaches plan and train to go beyond their best performances. The AI Workout Builder offers a crucial link between training and performance, enabling our users to maximize their potential.”

By inputting rider information, optional race plans, and any desired requirements through an AI prompt, users can generate workouts perfectly aligned with their race plans, performance objectives, and fitness levels.

Examples of AI-Generated Workouts

The prompts to request a workout can be used along with a current Best Bike Split race plan or without. For example, you might say:

  • “Generate a workout that targets the same zones I will experience in my race.”
  • “Create a workout to help me build power for a gravel race with short, punchy climbs.”
  • “Build a recovery ride workout that helps with muscle fatigue after a hard race day.”

These are just a few examples of how the AI Workout Builder can customize training sessions.

Key Features of the AI Workout Builder

  • Personalized Workouts: Generate structured workouts based on specific race scenarios or training goals.
  • Customizable Intervals: Edit workouts to fine-tune durations, intensity levels, and training intervals.
  • Unlimited Access: Premium members can create, modify, and duplicate unlimited workouts.
  • Seamless Integration: Download workouts in various formats and sync directly to popular platforms like Garmin, TrainingPeaks, and Wahoo.

Elevating Coaching Efficiency

Coaches will find the AI Workout Builder particularly beneficial, allowing them to create and efficiently assign workouts to their athletes. This feature streamlines the creation and management of athlete and race-specific workouts while ensuring each athlete receives workouts tailored to their specific targets and goals.

User-Friendly and Flexible

Whether you’re preparing for a mountain stage with long, sustained climbs or pacing windy time trials, the AI Workout Builder offers flexibility and ease of use. The tool accommodates a wide range of training scenarios, making it an indispensable resource for both amateur and professional cyclists. Go check it out:

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