Atomik Carbon Announces Ultralight Gravel/MTB Wheelsets with UHMWPE Spokes from Berd

Atomik Carbon Announces Ultralight Gravel/MTB Wheelsets with UHMWPE Spokes from Berd

PRESS RELEASE: Atomik Carbon

Atomik Carbon is partnering with Berd Spokes to introduce our all-new Ultimate Berd Wheelsets. The new mountain and gravel wheelsets are built with patented Berd spokes for light weight and superior ride quality.

Atomik Carbon Ultimate Wheelsets are ultra lightweight, starting at just over 1,200 grams per pair. And by combining the compliant ride offered by Berd Spokes with the characteristics of Atomik Carbon rims, they offer the ultimate ride quality. Berd spokes, typically available only in white, are available on the Ultimate Wheelsets in a limited edition Stealth Black. Custom colors exclusive to us will also be available, including red, blue, orange and olive green.

Known as “the world’s lightest spokes,” Berd patented spokes are made from ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene, or UHMWPE – the same material found in bulletproof body armor. Not only does this advanced polymer have superior damping properties to minimize impact and vibration, it has 12 times the strength-to-weight ratio of the steel used in traditional spokes and a superior fatigue life.

We were blown away with the ride quality, especially on a hardtails and fully rigid gravel bikes. We didn’t think there was a way to drastically improve the already impressive damping of our carbon rims, especially models featuring our HDP Foamcore. And steel spokes have always been such a given, that we didn’t consider the potential for other spoke materials and how they could improve weight, performance and ride quality – until now.
– Atomik Carbon co-owner founder Wayne Lee of initial test rides on Berd spokes

Despite the compliant ride, these wheelsets are every bit as stiff and precise as wheels built with traditional steel spokes. And starting at only $1,699 per complete wheelset*, they offer premium performance at an exceptional value; Berd spokes alone normally retail for $600 per wheelset.

Like all of our wheelsets, the Ultimate Wheelsets are handbuilt. But unlike builds using traditional spokes, Berd builds are labor intensive, with most hubs requiring a chamfering and polishing process, and three tensioning sessions, including a “rest” period of 24 hours during which the Berd’s UHMWPE material naturally relaxes by up to 50 percent before being re-tensioned. They then relax by up to 25 percent before reaching their maximum length during a third and final tensioning.

In every test, Berd spokes had a higher breaking limit than every spoke we tested. The strength to weight ratio is truly impressive.
– Wayne Lee

Atomik x Berd Complete Wheelset Weights

€¢ 29” XC33 w/I9 Boost Hydra Hubs, 28 Holes: 1,410 grams
€¢ 29” AM35 w/I9 Boost Hydra Hubs, 32 Holes: 1,610 grams
€¢  27.5” AM35 w/I9 Boost Hydra, 32 Holes: 1,530 grams

€¢ 700C XC26 w/I9 Road Torch Center Lock Hubs, 28 Holes: 1,220 grams
€¢ 700C XC33 w/I9 Road Torch Center Lock Hubs, 28 Hole: 1,290 grams
€¢ 650B XC33 w/I9 Torch Center Lock Hubs, 28 holes: 1,260

Ultimate Wheelsets are available now as complete builds or rim-only options through local bike shops and via our consumer direct program at AtomikCarbon.