Are You Ready to Eat Lab Grown Meat?

Lab-grown meat products are coming, in this episode of Moving Upstream, WSJ’s Jason Bellini visits entrepreneurs, scientists, and ranchers to understand how it’s made, and gets a first taste of steak grown from cultured cells.

This is a pretty solid look at something I think is inevitable, we will all be eating lab-grown  meat regularly in a few short years. The Cattle Ranchers Association’s fear is clear and understandable, their  livelihood is at stake, but what’s also clear is that they’re  about as well prepared as the taxi cab unions were for Uber & Lyft. Legislating which beef cells get to be called meat won’t save them.

As a meat lover myself, I’m 100% prepared to eat lab-grown meat. The environmental impact alone speaks for itself. Animal cruelty and the simple fact that we would no longer need to kill animals to get meat are also hard to deny.  If the meat is identical and good tasting, why not?

I for one can’t wait to see a meat section filled with lab-grown  products, I’m sure there will be a little “true meat” section with hefty markups for the holdouts. At least for a while.

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