Andy Schleck: 2010 Tour de France is 'bullsh**t'

Andy Schleck: 2010 Tour de France is 'bullsh**t'

In a television documentary with  Sporza in Belgium, Andy Schleck called being retrospectively awarded the yellow jersey in the 2010 Tour de France following Alberto Contador’s doping results ‘bullshit’.

Schleck finished the 2010 Tour second, 39 seconds back on Contador, but was eventually awarded the title in 2012 after Contador was sanctioned for a failed drug test that showed a positive finding for clenbuterol.

Contador has always denied the findings, blaming contaminated meat. Schleck doesn’t buy it,  ‘Alberto did something he shouldn’t have done even if he denies it still.’

Schleck also highlighted his second place finish at the Giro d’Italia as another moment in which doping robbed him of a major victory, ‘I can say today I didn’t win the Giro because Danilo Di Luca was doping, which is true in one way.’

Scheck also criticized the way dopers are regarded in the sport where they often ‘play the victim’.

‘We take people who get caught doping, 99% of them stand there and say it was the system, it’s not my fault, it was the pressure’

‘People who are alcoholic, you ask them why did they start drinking.’

‘I had a tough time at work or my wife left me she’s sleeping with a gardener.’

‘That’s all excuses, they all stand there in that position like they are a victim but they’re not you know.’

Schleck retired at the age of 29 in 2014 after battling persistent knee injury, in his short career he won the Tour and Liege-Bastogne-Liege and earned three Grand Tour podiums along the way.