Amanda Nauman’s Los Padres Traverse FKT

Amanda Nauman is a total badass.

The Los Padres National Forest is the second largest forest in California. There are 10 designated wilderness areas within the Los Padres, along with thousands of miles of trails and some of the most spectacular natural wildlife and scenery. This route takes you across one of the famous coastal ranges through the Sierra Madre Mountains. We are honored to have the ability and means to share this story of chasing the women’s FKT and we hope more people get to experience the magic hidden in the backcountry out there.

Amanda Nauman finished the Los Padres Traverse in 9:55:45 on February 17, 2021. On April 15, 2021 Amanda returned to post the FKT of 8:08:50. Both rides were categorized as an unsupported, solo, and female per the guidelines.

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