Altor’s Super Fat U-Lock Protects Against Angle Grinders

My goodness, would you look at the size of this absolute unit of a bike lock. Altor isn’t new to the lock making game, but they’ve seen a rise in angle grinder use by thieves, which makes short work of most locks. The Altor SAF is their solution, and also one of the fattest bike locks I’ve ever laid my eyes on.

The Altor SAF claims to withstand angle grinders through a combination of methods. The lock is so thick that most all blades won’t actually get through it to start with. The lock also uses patterned reliefs inside the lock and a softer metal which destroys grinding discs by mucking them up. The 78mm outer “U” is so fat that the grinding disc can’t even reach the inner steel core.

Inside is a durable, pick-resistant keyed lock core. I want to see the LockPickingLawyer take this one on.

Security doesn’t come cheap. The lock is available now on Indiegogo for $199, with a planned $299 retail price after the campaign.


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