“Alpe Du Zwift” Climb Released

Zwift just released a new climb and it’s huge.   Using GPS data Zwift perfectly matched the incline and distance of the storied Alpe d’Huez climb with its 21 hairpin turns and added it to the existing Watopia island map.

New Routes

The update includes three new routes which take you up Alpe du Zwift:

  • Four Horsemen: 89.3km, 2112m
  • Road to Sky: 19.9km, 1144m
  • Tour of Fire and Ice: 25.1km, 1166m — The perfect route for starting my training dungeon Game of Thrones re-watch party

The update also comes with some cool new features. When you begin the climb, the map section expands vertically so you can better see the coming switchbacks. Each one is numbered and starred off when completed. At the top of the climb a prize wheel pops up and spins, landing on in game cosmetic items like new gloves and helmets.

There’s also a new  “Masochist” badge to earn if you climb Alpe du Zwift 25 times.