AI’s Empty Promise: The Search for Digital Divinity

Explore why AI might not be the digital savior we hope for. Navneet Alang examines the cultural obsession with AI and its potential dangers in this insightful piece.

AI’s Empty Promise: The Search for Digital Divinity
When big tech comes bearing gifts, you should probably look closely at what’s in the box.

In "AI Is a False God," Navneet Alang delves into the cultural fascination with AI and its potential pitfalls. Drawing parallels to Arthur C. Clarke’s story “The Nine Billion Names of God,” Alang explores how AI, like the monks’ computer, is seen as a shortcut to ultimate truth. The article critiques the idea that AI can transcend human limitations, highlighting concerns over AI’s biases, its impact on society, and the misplaced trust in technology as a new form of divinity. Alang urges readers to question the implications of AI and its role in shaping our future.

Life and its meaning can’t be reduced to a simple statement, or to a list of names, just as human thought and feeling can’t be reduced to something articulated by what are ultimately ones and zeros.
AI Is a False God | The Walrus
The real threat with super intelligence is falling prey to the hype