Agave Finishworks Terske Ti Spacers

Agave Finishworks is creating some of the most lustworthy titanium out there. Here’s an option for a little Ti bling, while supporting a good cause, without breaking the bank!

50% of the purchase price will be donated to Dine’ Bike Project and NavajoYES, which invest in trail projects and empower youth with an active lifestyle on the Navajo Nation. The Dine’ Bike Project is a rez-wide project to promote biking and community wellness on the Navajo Nation, working towards the goal of encouraging fitness and family togetherness through biking.

Terske’s custom titanium headset spacers are precision machined in their own arc design, saving weight and masking seams between spacers. The scalloped design weighs less than 0.5g per mm and integrates beautifully with small-diameter, lightweight stems.

Go grab a set and check out the beautiful anodized Ti products at Agave Finishworks while you’re at it.

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