Abus 770A SmartX Keyless Lock Uses Smartphone App to Unlock

Abus 770A SmartX Keyless Lock Uses Smartphone App to Unlock

Abus has announced the 770A SmartX Lock, an electronic bike lock that integrates with their smartphone app to allow for key-less operation. The lock operates wirelessly to unlock based on your proximity. That’s right, just like a Tesla, the lock will automatically unlock as you approach it. To re-lock, you just push the shackle in, activate the alarm, and walk away.

The 770A SmartX lock can be used by multiple people, with permissions granted to users within the app for permanent or temporary access. The lock charges via a USB-C charging port.

As for that alarm, the 770A includes 3d Position Detection, which detects movement to trigger a 100+ dB alarm. Small movements result in the lock emitting smaller warning beeps.

The lock is built to Abus’ high standards, the body of the lock is made from hardened steel, and includes a 13mm hardened square shaft. For added security and ease in finding your bike, an included GPS tracker shows the lock’s current location via the smartphone app.

The Abus 770A SmartX Lock is available now. There’s a 9 €³ shackle version for $230, or an 11 €³ shackle for $250. An optional mounting bracket can be added for $30 to either lock.

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