AbsoluteBLACK GRAPHENpads Promise to be Fade-Free and Non-Toxic

The new AbsoluteBLACK GRAPHENpads brake pads have very unique looking cooling fins for cooling, a graphene backplate coating, and an organic friction compound. All combined, AbsoluteBLACK says that these features allow its pads to offer better predictability and power.

The GRAPHENpads back plate provides a more efficient transfer of heat between the braking surface and cooling fins. Another cool feature is that these are only pads on the market to date that completely eliminate copper, which is a toxic material for fish and invertebrates.

Prices range from $36 to $61 USD for a set of pads with spring.

Considering these are actually available for current 4-piston Shimano calipers, at a time when Shimano pads (N04C metallic, N03A resin) are super hard to find and that Absolute Black’s are $48 per wheel, while a set of Shimano N04C are going for $60+ online, this is an awesome option!

Check them out at AbsoluteBLACK.cc

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