A Zest of Freshness: Chris King’s Matte Mango

There’s a fresh hue spinning through the cycling community, and it’s got a tangy twist. Chris King Precision Components has reintroduced their Matte Mango colorway, a vibrant nod to those days of meticulously selecting the ripest fruit from the bunch. In a playful homage to the discerning process of picking mangos, Chris King has brought back this juicy shade across their product range, from headsets to hubs, ensuring that cyclists can equip their rides without the guesswork of color matching​.

Much like finding the perfect mango once required a careful squeeze, selecting the ideal components for your bike setup is an art. But with Matte Mango’s return, the choice is straightforward and stylish. Whether you’re looking to spruce up your DropSet or lace fresh Matte Mango hubs to your wheels, this color makes a bold statement on the trails or the road. There’s no more squeezing necessary—just pure cycling zest ready to be enjoyed.

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