A Milestone for Outdoor Enthusiasts: The BOLT Act's Leap Forward

A Milestone for Outdoor Enthusiasts: The BOLT Act's Leap Forward

In a significant advancement for outdoor recreation and bikepacking communities, the EXPLORE Act has been introduced in the House, representing a substantial step in American outdoor policy. This bipartisan package, along with the Senate’s America’s Outdoor Recreation Act (AORA), notably includes the Biking on Long Distance Trails (BOLT) Act, a pivotal piece of legislation for bikepackers and outdoor enthusiasts alike.

Last year, the BOLT Act made impressive strides, passing through both the House and Senate. However, due to legislative nuances, it couldn’t progress before the Congressional session ended. Its recent reintroduction is not just a revival but an evolution, as it’s now part of a larger, more comprehensive outdoor recreation initiative.

The BOLT Act, championed by Bikepacking Roots in collaboration with the International Mountain Bicycling Association (IMBA) and Outdoor Alliance, is poised to transform America’s outdoor landscape. Its primary aim is to identify and develop at least 10 existing long-distance bike trails, enhancing access and infrastructure for bikepacking. This includes the distribution of maps, installation of signage, and promotion of these trails, elevating the bikepacking experience to new heights.

This legislative effort signifies more than just a win for bikepacking; it’s a commitment to preserving and enhancing public lands and waters for future generations. The BOLT Act’s integration into broader legislative packages like the EXPLORE Act and AORA is a testament to the growing recognition of outdoor recreation as a vital component of American life and the economy.

Support for the BOLT Act is crucial. It’s not only about creating new trails but also about fostering a sustainable relationship between nature and outdoor activities. By supporting the BOLT Act, we advocate for responsible and sustainable use of our natural resources, encouraging a balance between adventure and conservation.

The progress of the BOLT Act is a beacon of hope for the bikepacking community and all who cherish the great outdoors. It underscores the importance of advocacy and the power of a united voice in shaping policies that enhance our natural world. As the EXPLORE Act moves through the legislative process, let’s rally behind the BOLT Act, ensuring its passage and the flourishing of our outdoor heritage​​.