A Breathtaking Bike Ride Through the Swiss Landscape

One of my favorite things about cycling and watching pro races are the amazing landscapes and places a bike can take you through. The Tour de France, for example, is as much a bike race as it is a tour of hundreds if not thousands of years of history, culture and architecture.

This experiential video by Emanuel Schafer and Alexandre Blaise follows a cyclist through the small Swiss region of Derborence. The views in Derborence move from high-up and soaring shot from a helicopter overhead, to low where you can see the true speed of the cyclist. An amazing look at the experience of a scenic ride through a mountainous region of Switzerland. Really makes me want to get out on my bike.

The project was filmed with a 35 mm Super 16 and eight cameras.  Emanuel Schafer has a bunch of great cycling videos on his  Vimeo page, here.