90-Year-Old US Cyclist Fails Doping Test

90-Year-Old US Cyclist Fails Doping Test
The old ‘contaminated meat’ excuse once again rears its head, in the most hilarious way possible.

How do you win a sprint competition by yourself? Actually, here’s a better question. How do you lose it?

Well, apparently by getting disqualified.

Carl Grove, a 90-year-old cyclist from Indiana,  has been stripped of his age-group title and world record after failing a doping test.

Grove had won the 90-94 age group individual pursuit crown while setting a world  record 3mins 6.129secs last July in Breinigsville, Pennsylvania. He was the  lone competitor in his age bracket.

He tested positive for epitrenbolone, a metabolite of the prohibited  substance trenbolone in a urine sample taken after his race. Information provided by Grove to USADA apparently wasn’t convincing as their statement reads, “the source of his positive test was more likely than not caused by  contaminated meat consumed the evening before competing.”

Additionally, USADA found that a supplement he was using before the competition date had  the presence of the banned substance clomiphene, although it was not listed in  the ingredients.

Oops. I do have a new goal though, live another 60 years, pick an event with no entrants and win those world champion stripes!