9 Miles

Whenever I can, I’ll turn off my computer, take out the bike and go ride my home trails until the sun goes down. Sure, it might just be a 9 mile ride at the end of the day, but it’s those 9 Miles that give me the energy and inspiration for days on end.

Marko Sajn

The magic of one’s local home loop. What do we love so much about riding on our own doorstep? There’s an obvious special attraction for the well-known and the predictable as we always find ourselves ending up on that one, certain, familiar route. While we feel a longing for adventure and its unexperienced roads it is always nice to play with the familiar terrain at home; whether simply trying to push things further than last time’s ride, or let it be the joy to observe the changing trail, nature and views with alternating seasons, even if it is simply its accessibility in case there’s only time for a quick spin. It’s reasonable to assume we all have our own personal ‘9 Miles’ too. But have you thought about the reason why there’s always that certain treasured track waiting for you among all the exciting trips to foreign lands? And why you are repeatedly looking forwards to jumping on your bike and riding your well acquainted, local loop in-between? There might be as many different reasons as diverse as the cycling audience is. But if someone is based in Slovenia like our colleague and friend Marko Sajn, the actual reason is pretty obvious!

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