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63mph Road Bike Hill Bomb by Eric Porter1 min read

Eric Porter hits 63 mph bombing down Guardsman Pass in Utah. This is pretty much the exact opposite of my philosophy when it comes to road biking; ride uphill as fast as possible, keep it under control on the way down and get home safe. But to each their own.

Riding my road bike on the same mountain pass that the Tour of Utah climbs on the final day, except when I got up there I turned around to see how fast I could bomb down it! There is a special time of year in Utah when the mountain passes are still closed because of snow up high, but they are open to road bikes! I rode my Diamondback Haanjo 7C in this video, it’s the perfect bike for a ride like this. It’s pretty amazing to have a perfect road like this to ride without the danger of cars.

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