2024 Belgian Waffle Ride Expansion: Introducing the Tripel Crown of Gravel Series

2024 Belgian Waffle Ride Expansion: Introducing the Tripel Crown of Gravel Series

Monuments of Cycling (MoC), a name synonymous with premier cycling events, has rolled out an enticing expansion of its Belgian Waffle Ride (BWR) calendar for 2024. The headline is the introduction of the Tripel Crown of Gravel Series, a trio of grand events sprinkled over a span of seven weeks, inaugurating the spring racing calendar with a blend of challenge and charm.

Kicking off the Tripel Crown is the Second Annual BWR Arizona on March 2, followed by the Fifth Annual BWR Utah on April 6, and reaching a crescendo with the revered 13th Annual BWR California on April 28. Each of these races promises a unique terrain and competitive atmosphere, embodying the essence of early-season rivalry.

Adding a dash of international flavor, the BWR series will venture into Zapopan (City of Guadalajara), Mexico, further embellishing the spring calendar. This addition sits well with the autumn BWR event in Queretaro, Mexico, expanding the BWR brand beyond borders. The BWR is also revisiting Canada for the Second Annual BWR BC on May 18-19, and North Carolina for the Fourth Annual BWR NC on June 21-22. Stay tuned for more fall event dates to be revealed later in the year.

The Tripel Crown isn’t merely a race; it’s a journey traversing through varied landscapes in a compact timeframe. It offers a perfect equilibrium between recovery and fitness enhancement for both professional and amateur riders. The competition spans across Waffle and Wafer distances in a points-based omnium format across the Southwest region’s spring BWR events. The riders vying for the Tripel honors will be assessed based on the cumulative points garnered over the three races. Notably, the BWR California will have extra weighted points, setting the stage for a nail-biting finale at North City in San Marcos, CA.

The registration for the coveted Tripel Crown and individual events will commence on Monday, October 16, 2023, at 8:00 a.m. PST. A diverse prize purse awaits the winners across Male, Female, and Gender Diverse categories, ensuring an inclusive competition.

Derived from the spirit of European one-day Spring Classics, the BWR events have morphed into a unique brand of cycling competitions, acclaimed for their multi-surface ‘unroad’ courses. These courses are a medley of gravel, sand, rocks, water crossings, cyclocross features, and even a bit of asphalt, testing the mettle of every rider. Each venue embodies the peculiar topography of its location, presenting an array of technically challenging sectors.

Below are the key dates for the 2024 BWRs:

  • Belgian Waffle Ride Tripel Crown of Gravel Series:
    • BWR AZ in Scottsdale, AZ on March 1 – 2
    • BWR UT in Cedar City on April 5 – 6
    • BWR CA in San Diego on April 27 – April 28
  • Additional Belgian Waffle Ride Events:
    • BWR Zapopan, México on April 20 – 21
    • BWR BC on Vancouver Island, BC on May 18 – 19
    • BWR NC in Hendersonville on June 21 – 22
    • BWR México in Queretaro, MX on November 23 – 24

The BWR series isn’t just about competitive cycling; it’s a celebration of the sport, the community, and the unique terrains each location presents. Whether you are a seasoned gravel grinder or a newcomer to this adventurous cycling discipline, there’s something for every rider in the BWR series. For a taste of the action, each venue will host a Wanna Ride event, a less technical, 40-mile route for those new to gravel. The courses will be well-marked, with well-stocked feed zones roughly every 20 miles to keep riders fueled up.

Monuments of Cycling is escalating its commitment towards rider safety with new, more ‘rippable’ courses. A stellar support network comprising nutrition and hydration partners like F2C and The Feed, abundant traffic control personnel, support vehicles, and roving mechanical support will ensure a safe and enjoyable ride for all participants.

An army of bike-loving volunteers will champion the events, embodying the hospitality of their communities. Their efforts are the backbone that enables the iconic BWR races to thrive. And of course, no BWR event would be complete without the customary Belgian waffles and Belgian ale, adding a touch of tradition to these modern-day cycling classics.

For more information and to register for the events, visit www.BWR.Bike.