2022 April Fools’ Day Cycling Roundup

2022 April Fools’ Day Cycling Roundup

2022 April Fools’ Day has a been a strong one in the world of cycling, here’s the best I’ve found.

Revelate Designs Hawt Pocket

In 2012, Revelate Designs became my first sponsor. Over the past decade, they’ve been innovating bikepacking bag design to keep me out longer— from oversized zippers & stretchy materials on framebags to waterproof seatpacks & handlebar rolls to magnetic closures on their mag-tanks and a custom oversized Jerry Can, the bags just keep getting better. They are the lightest, most functional and durable on the market.

Eating is a huge part of endurance. The less time I spend off the bike, the farther I can ride. Taking meals on the go has always been essential in my race strategy. The Revelate Designs Hawt Pocket is the perfect vessel for packing real food. Insulated, modular and grease resistant, this bag is my picnic basket 🧺 With such a hectic schedule this spring, I multitask my days and take dinner on the ride.

A huge thank you to Eric & Holly for being open-minded, creative and helpful. Check out the Revelate Designs website (linked in my profile) for more information on the bag and the research & development that went into it.

Video & photos by @rugilekaladyte

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Velo Orange Round Tuits

We just got in our first batch of official VO Round Tuits!

Need to put on new tires for the good weather coming up? Get a Round Tuit! Been putting off bringing your bike in to the shop for that springtime tune-up? Get a Round Tuit! Not only is it a great all-round tool for the home mechanic, it’s the perfect solution for your procrastination.

While you can use it for your road bike in a pinch, Round Tuits were designed to be #gravelspecific.

  • Compatibility: Yes
  • Weight: Heavier and lighter than you’d expect
  • Do not use as a floatation device

Please note that this is not a real product, but it is purchasable! 100% of proceeds will be donated to Rails-to-Trails Conservancy in support of their mission to build a nation connected by trails.

Get yours here.

Zwift Replaces Fuego Flats Pavement with Gravel

The Ultimate Sportswatch is a Bike Computer


A world first look at a product that will be taking the indoor training world by storm soon. The Wahoo Cobblr, an indoor trainer that will allow you to train for the likes of Paris Roubaix from the comfort of your own home!

Park Tool NFT-1

Revel Enters the DownGravel Market

Really like the pivot design on this one.

Chromag High Pivot Hardtail

PinkBike.com has the full scoop, but super impressed with the thought that went into this one.