2021 Santa Cruz Stigmata and Juliana Quincy

A couple of quick updates from Santa Cruz and Juliana, some slick new paint in here!

2021 Julian Quincy

The Juliana Quincy is a women’s carbon gravel bike with features including three bottle mounts, clearance for tires up to 2.1″ wide, and new for 2021 a sleek Gypsum and Orange Rust color scheme.

  • 2021 JULIANA QUINCY CC (RIVAL) – $3,499
  • 2021 JULIANA QUINCY CC (GRX) – $4,199

Learn more here.

2021 Santa Cruz Stigmata

The 2021 Santa Cruz Stigmata also receives new paint and build kits. Just like the Quincy, the Stigmata features three bottle mounts, 650b and 700c compatibility, and clearance for up to 650b x 2.1″ tires. The new color options are Moonstone Blue and Ivory or Midnight Green and Black.

  • 2021 SANTA CRUZ STIGMATA CC (RIVAL) – $3,499
  • 2021 SANTA CRUZ STIGMATA CC (GRX) – $4,199
  • 2021 SANTA CRUZ STIGMATA CC (FORCE 650B) – $5,499
  • 2021 SANTA CRUZ STIGMATA CC (FORCE 1X) – $5,499
  • 2021 SANTA CRUZ STIGMATA CC (FORCE 2X) – $5,299

See more at

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