2020 Reeb Sam’s Pants and Lickskillet Revealed

REEB Cycles just announced a rehashed 2020 Sam’s Pants with geometry updates, more mounts, and room for 29 x 2.2 €³ tires. They also released an all-new REEB Lickskillet (the perfect bike for conquering the Lickskillet loop at the Gold Rush Bike Rally?), a 700C all-road bike with gravel geometry.

Straight from the press release:  REEB has invested in industry experience by adding future MTB Hall of Fame rider/tester Jeff Lenosky and Butch Boucher, an industry veteran with 30 years experience as co-founder of Co-motion Cycles and 21+ years with Moots. In addition to adding industry experience they have engaged engineer Steve Ziegler and added depth to their fabrication team anchored by Adam Prosise, pushing revisions to all 2020 models. These two models represent a specific investment in the all-road/gravel bike/adventure bike arena with the addition of Boucher and fabricator/gravel bike nerd Sam Robinson. “It’s been a big investment in a committed team of people that ride and relentlessly test our bikes, it’s bringing continued innovation to the entire line and we’re undoubtedly putting our best bikes to market.” Tim Moore, sales director at REEB Cycles.

2020 REEB Sam’s Pants

The REEB Sam’s Pants is “a dirt road rippin’, monster crossin’, adventure tourin’, backcountry bikepackin’, daily commutin’, all-rounder we did it with a mountain biker’s thirst for singletrack and self propelled backcountry adventure. Load it down with all your gear and get lost. The perfect bike for Sub-24hr bikepacking or an assault on the Bikepacking Triple Crown.”

The 2020 Sam’s Pants has clearance for 29 x 2.2 €³ tires and a third set of cage mounts on the downtube. REEB also gave the frame a 31.6mm seat tube and internal routing to aid compatibility with dropper posts. The 2020 Sam’s Pants also has improved standover height and a bigger triangle, perfect for large packs.

2020 REEB Sam’s Pants Frame Specs

  • Lightweight butted steel tubeset
  • Available in Titanium Dedacciai butted tubeset
  • 44mm head tube for all tapered steerers
  • Built for forks using a 415mm axle to crown
  • Clearance for a 29 €³ x 2.2 €³ tire
  • 3 sets of water bottle bosses
  • Rack and fender mounts
  • 73mm wide English (BSA) BB shell
  • Flat mount disc 160mm rotor
  • 142mm x 12mm rear spacing
  • 31.6mm ø dropper compatible

The 2020 REEB Sam’s Pants frame is available from $2,299 with complete GRX builds starting at $4,699. More info at

2020 REEB Lickskillet

The 2020 REEB Cycles Lickskillet is a new bike to the brand’s lineup. Available in either butted, and heat-treated steel, or butted titanium, the Lickskillet is built for fast mixed surface riding.

2020 REEB Lickskillet Specs

  • Butted steel tubeset
  • Available in Titanium Dedacciai butted tubeset
  • 44mm head tube
  • Clearance for a 700c x 45 mm tire
  • 3 sets of water bottle bosses
  • 68mm wide English (BSA) BB shell
  • 1x or 2x Compatible
  • Flat mount 140mm or 160mm
  • 142mm x 12mm rear spacing
  • 27.2mm ø seat post compatible
  • Designed around the 395mm axle to crown length

The 2020 REEB Lickskillet frame is available from $2,299 with complete GRX builds starting at $4,699. More info at

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