2019 Gravel Worlds Adds “L’Eroica” Category

2019 Gravel Worlds Adds “L’Eroica” Category

One of the best things about gravel riding and racing is that its imperative to keep things a little weird. The annual  Gravel Worlds race held outside Lincoln, Nebraska always keep things interesting. From the name to the cutlasses they gave to winners last year, weird is part of the game.

For 2019, Gravel Worlds will add a little more weird by going back to the future.

The August 17 race will include an L’Eroica category for enthusiasts of vintage bicycles. Or just general weirdos.

The L’Eroica category will allow participants to complete the full 150-mile Gravel Worlds course on pre-1988 steel frames with vintage components, exact rules below.

Visit bikereg.com to register for the L’Eroica category or any other race category before the August 17 race.

Rules for the Gravel Worlds L’Eroica category include:

  • Steel frame produced prior to 1988.
  • Down tube or bar-con shifters.
  • Non-aero brake levers, with exposed brake housing.
  • Traditional pedals with toe clips and straps.
  • Minimum 32-spoke wheels with box-section, non-aero rims.
  • Leather saddles and wool jerseys preferred.