20 Years of Rusty Spoons and Horror: Salad Fingers Anniversary Special

Marking 20 years since its debut, Salad Fingers returns with a special episode revisiting its bizarre lore and beloved characters. Dive into the eerie nostalgia.

20 Years of Rusty Spoons and Horror: Salad Fingers Anniversary Special

It’s been 20 years since David Firth’s Salad Fingers debuted, irrevocably altering internet humor. The first episode hit Newgrounds on July 1, 2004. To mark this milestone, Firth released a 20th-anniversary special that takes us down memory lane, revisiting the early moments that seared "I like rusty spoons" into the collective consciousness of an entire generation.

A Trip Down Memory Lane

In this 7-minute video, things aren’t quite as you remember. Salad Fingers takes a walk through his past, offering a skewed, surreal perspective—exactly what we’d expect from such an unreliable narrator. The anniversary special expands the lore and reintroduces characters like the shrieking “young child,” who now has some clarifications about their identity. Fans will also recognize the disturbing finger puppet friends Hubert Cumberdale, Marjory Stewart-Baxter, and Jeremy Fisher.

Familiar Faces and New Twists

If you’ve been following the series through its 13 episodes up to 2023’s “Harvest,” you’ll recall the horrifying Melvin Wishcake. In this special, Salad Fingers refers to him as “Manky Melvin, the stinky reject,” adding new layers to the character.

Nostalgic and Disturbing

This deranged cartoon holds a special place in the hearts of many fans. The anniversary special is a treat, blending nostalgia with the bizarre horror that made Salad Fingers a cult favorite. Watching this might just inspire you to rewatch the entire series.

Thanks for the (cursed) memories, Salad Gregory Stuart Fingers.