Unlock Exciting Rewards with Tesla's Referral Program 2023

Unlock Exciting Rewards with Tesla's Referral Program 2023
Photo by Vlad Tchompalov / Unsplash

Considering buying a Tesla? Don’t miss out on the opportunity to avail exciting offers with the Tesla Referral Program. By simply using a referral code when purchasing a Tesla Model Y, 3, S, or X, you can enjoy a discount of $250 and an additional 3 months of Full Self Driving! Failing to use a code means missing out on this fantastic deal.

How to Use the Referral Code:

To claim your reward, input the referral code kevin4753 either on the Tesla website or provide it to a sales associate at any Tesla store. Alternatively, you can access the offer through our referral link.

Referral Details:

  • Referral Code: kevin4753
  • Bonus for Model Y & 3: $250 Discount + 3 Months Full Self Driving
  • Bonus for Model S & X: $250 Discount + 3 Months Full Self Driving
  • Validity: Till October 31, 2023

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What Makes Tesla Models Stand Out?

  • Tesla Model Y:
    A versatile 5-7 seater SUV, the Model Y boasts:
    • 330 miles range
    • Rapid acceleration: 0-60 mph in 3.5 seconds
    • 155 mph top speed
    • Dual Motor All-Wheel Drive
    • Advanced 15-inch touchscreen
    • Spacious interior with a glass roof
    • Optional third-row seats
    • 76 cubic feet cargo space
    • Seamless Wi-Fi & mobile connectivity
  • Tesla Model 3:
    This 5-seater sedan comes with:
    • 358 miles range
    • Blazing fast 0-60 mph in 3.1 seconds
    • 162 mph top speed
    • Dual Motor All-Wheel Drive
    • 15-inch touchscreen display
    • Expansive glass roof
    • Comfortable seating with optional heating
    • 20 cubic feet cargo space
  • Tesla Model S:
    Another 5-seater sedan but with:
    • Extended 405 miles range
    • Astounding 0-60 mph in 1.99 seconds
    • 200 mph top speed
    • Dual and Tri Motor All-Wheel Drive options
    • 17” touchscreen with adjustable tilt
    • Gaming capabilities with 10 teraflops processing power
    • Premium 22-speaker audio system
  • Tesla Model X:
    A spacious 5-8 seater SUV, it offers:
    • 348 miles range
    • 0-60 mph in just 2.5 seconds
    • 163 mph top speed
    • Dual and Tri-Motor All-Wheel Drive
    • Unique Falcon Wing doors
    • 17” touchscreen with adjustable tilt
    • Generous 92 cubic feet storage capacity

The Evolution of Tesla’s Autopilot System:
Tesla continues to pioneer advancements in autonomous driving. Their Autopilot system has undergone numerous versions, each more refined than the last. From the initial AP 1.0 in 2014 to the recent AP 4.0 in 2023, Tesla’s commitment to enhancing driving safety and convenience is evident.

All About Tesla’s Referral Program:

The Tesla referral program, now known as the “Loot Box” program, is still active in 2023. Tesla owners can share their love for the brand and earn rewards when they bring in new customers.

How Does the Loot Box Program Work?

  • Tesla owners earn Referral Credits when they refer a new customer.
  • The referred individual may receive Buyer Credits, cash awards, and other exclusive benefits.
  • All credits are collected in the owner’s Loot Box, redeemable for various Tesla awards.
  • Credits have a 12-month validity from the Grant Date.

Note: Currently, the CyberTruck and Roadster models do not fall under the referral program.