Live FTP for Zwift Ramp Test

One of my favorite ancillary tools for TrainerRoad is this handy live FTP website which displays what your FTP will be were to stop at any given point during a ramp test. I find it motivating and always seem pull a few more seconds of effort out of my legs watching the FTP tick up a few more digits.

Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to find a tool like it for the Zwift Ramp Test and the Zwift Ramp Test works a little different than the TrainerRoad one so the above mentioned website doesn’t work. So, I built one that does work with Zwift.

Head over to the Live FTP for Zwift Ramp Test and give it a go.

New! Check out the new Live FTP for Zwift Ramp Test Lite if you’re taking the lite version of the ramp test.