Links to Zwift Resources Around the Web

Introduction: Welcome to our comprehensive Zwift resource guide, curated for avid indoor cyclists. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned Zwifter, our handpicked list will provide you with valuable insights, troubleshooting tips, and more. Dive in and ensure you’re making the most out of your Zwifting experience!

Essential Resources to Start With:

Technical Insights & Troubleshooting:

Official Support:

  • Support Knowledgebase: Zwift’s official knowledgebase – the go-to place if you’re facing issues or have queries.

Maps, Routes, and Worlds Resources:

  1. Route Scheduling & Calendars:
  2. Interactive Maps & Route Insights:
    • ZwiftMap: An interactive map showcasing all worlds and routes. Ideal for long rides to inspect routes and see upcoming segments.
    • ZwiftGPS: Link your Zwift account to view your real-time position on the Zwift world map.
  3. Route Calculators & Suggestions:
    • Zwifter Bikes: Discover the best bike/wheel combinations based on specific routes.
    • Zenturizer: Get route suggestions based on distance and elevation.
    • Best Bike Split: Detailed route planning tool, offering projected durations and other functions based on several parameters.
  4. Printable Resources & Lists:
  5. Additional Tools & Add-ons:
    • ZwiftHub: Manual badge completion tracker for all your Zwift achievements.
    • RoadCaptain: An add-on for Zwift on PC, offering auto-navigation features.
    • ZwiftSegments: Track route completions and personal records using Strava.
    • ZwiftQuiz: Test your knowledge on the shape of Zwift routes.

Events, Challenges, and Missions:

  1. Event Databases:
  2. Monthly Missions:

Clubs & Groups:

  1. Getting Started:
    • Joining a Club Guide: Comprehensive guide on how to become a part of Zwift’s vibrant club ecosystem.
  2. Popular Clubs:
    • BMTR: An inclusive club with numerous hosted rides for cyclists of all levels. Check out their events page.
    • Drafting Dinos: A diverse team of men and women. Connect with them on Facebook.
    • DIRT: Not limited to dads! Everyone’s welcome in this community.
    • HERD: An inclusive club with events for all wattage categories.
    • SZR Cycling Club: Swedish Zwift Riders Club – you don’t need to be Swedish to join!

Adaptive Athletes:

  1. Discussions & Communities:
  2. Events for Adaptive Athletes:
  3. Handcycle Introduction:

Workouts, Training & Racing:

  1. Race Calendars:
  2. Workout Tools:
  3. Racing Analytics & Tools:

Software & Technology:

  1. Optimizing Zwift on PC:
  2. Add-ons and Bridging Tools:

Hardware – Bicycles, Trainers, and Miscellaneous:

  1. Smart Trainer Insights:
  2. Zwift Exclusive Hardware:
    • Zwift Hub: An affordable, high-performance direct drive trainer.
  3. Hardware Add-ons:
  4. Tech Hacks & Community Support:

Podcasts & Media:

  1. Official & Community Podcasts:
  2. Team & Niche Podcasts:
  3. Video Content: