Zwift Worlds and Cycling Routes with Route Maps and Descriptions 1

Currently, there are 6 worlds on Zwift, each with its own routes. While Watopia’s always available, we also feature a rotating guest world that changes on a monthly schedule. You can log into the game to see the current world schedule (in the lower-right of the Drop In screen), or check out the Community Page to see what’s coming up. World changeovers occur at approximately 9:00 PM (PT).

If you already know the World you’re interested in, here is a quick way to jump to the right section:Each world has a number of routes you can choose from. You choose your route by clicking the Routes button at the Drop In screen, or you can manually pick your route by choosing a direction when an intersection comes up. Some routes include a lead-in distance that doesn’t count towards the route achievement. This lead-in is indicated in blue—while the actual route appears in white.