Zwift: 9 Stages of DIRT Begins Sunday

A little background first, the Dads Inside Riding Trainers (DIRT) Indoor Specialists community is comprised of two Zwift Racing Teams (Professional – Indoor Specialist, Amateur – DIRT) and an awesome community of riders that love all things Zwift cycling.  It was founded in 2018 by the three DIRT Fathers: Jason Stern, Ken Nowell, and Douglas Mastroianni.

Team DIRT just announced a new community race series running on Zwift which will let all us DIRTers experience stage racing (from our basement training dungeons). It’s all there, pro peloton-style scoring and not on but two individual time trial stages.

Comprising 9 stages, the race will take place across all the Zwift worlds   in the game.

Race within the Race

Just like the pro tours, 9 Stage of DIRT has 3 competitions that will run alongside the overall classification:

  • Team-Based General Classification: the fastest rider on each team to the finish sets the team’s time, one-man teams count too.
  • Individual Points Competition: each intermediate sprint banner gives points for the top 10 riders & flat stage finishes give points for the top 10 riders.
  • Individual King of Mountain Competition: Each KOM banner and uphill stage finish gives points.

All race results will be tracked on the ZwiftPower league page.

9 Stages of DIRT Schedule

  • Week 1 (Oct 20): New York Park Perimeter Reverse
  • Week 2 (Oct 27): Watopia Out and Back Again
  • Week 3 (Nov 3): Innsbruck 2018 UCI ITT
  • Week 4 (Nov 10): New York Grand Central Circuit
  • Week 5 (Nov 17): Richmond Flat Roads
  • Week 6 (Nov 24): Watopia Volcano Circuit CCW ITT
  • Week 7 (Dec 1): Yorkshire 2019 UCI Reverse
  • Week 8 (Dec 8): New York LaGuardia Loop
  • Week 9 (Dec 15): London Triple Loops

You can sign up for stage one here.

9 Stage of DIRT Categories

To race you need to select a category. Standard Zwift race categories are used, but there is one cool addition. The E category is added into the mix to give elite and long-distance riders a chance to get in on the fun.

  • A: 4-4.59 w/kg
  • B: 3.2-3.9 w/kg
  • C: 2.5-3.1 w/kg
  • D: 1-2.4 w/kg
  • E: any w/kg

Everyone follows the same routes but race length and start time will be based on category.

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