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If You're Bored of Push-Ups Give Chest Dips a Go

Push-ups are quite possibly the best all around chest exercise at our disposal, they’re a reliable strength and mass builder, they teach great pushing form and they don’t require a piece of equipment. Push-ups do, however, have their shortcomings most notably it is very difficult to add weight with push-ups for successful progressive strength increases.
When push-ups get stale chest dips are an excellent alternative. Similar to push-ups, dips hit your chest, shoulders, and triceps. Before you give chest dips a shot, you have to make sure you can do a perfect push-up without shoulder or elbow pain.
Dips require very little in equipment if you don’t have a rack or a dip bar at your disposal you can easily perform dips by putting two chairs back to back with about a two-foot gap between them. Additionally, the ability to hang weight off your waist with a weight belt allows for progressive strength gains and constant progress.
The best of both worlds? Perform push-ups and dips in the same session. You’ll hit the same muscle groups in slightly different ways and get more out of them.

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