What ZipRage Wants For The Holidays 1

What ZipRage Wants For The Holidays

It may seem a bit shameless to provide you all with a list of the stuff I personally want for the holidays, but I think I can get over that as will you. There’s some truly great stuff out there this season and I think just about anyone will find a thing or two on this list to love.

Deeper Smart Portable Fish Finder $195

What ZipRage Wants For The Holidays 2
This year when I head out for the yearly lake Nawakwa family fishing trip I plan to actually catch some fish. Not landing a fish when you’re out on the water drains the beer faster than just about anything. The Deeper Smart Portable Fish Finder promises to help track down those bass. It syncs with a free app that includes a fish-activity calendar, weather forecasts, a diary, maps and sharing functions. The reviews look great too, this one makes my short list. Availabe from Amazon.

Tanner Hardwood Wall Frame $100

Tanner Hardwood Wall FrameLocally crafted in Portland, Oregon from Eastern White Oak these frames really stand out for their quality. Mitered corners with contrasting Walnut splines and butterfly joints on the back surface, no cutting corners here. Frame dimensions: 8”x10”, 11”x14” and 18”x24”. I’ll probably opt for building equivalent frames myself, but these are definitely the next best thing. Available directly from Tanner Goods.

ASUS ZenBook $699

What ZipRage Wants For The Holidays 3
I like to keep a laptop around for writing and checking email from a place that isn’t a desk, I get enough of that at the day job. I’d love a Macbook Air but I can’t justify for the price for performance there. The ASUS Zenbook is equally equipped and come in at a paltry $699. It’s a few quick and easy steps away from running OS X (Hackintosh) anyway. Available from Amazon.

Eames Lounge Chair $4,597

Eames-Lounge-Chair-and-OttomanThis may be more of a gift to myself than anything but it still gets a spot on the list. Every man, and woman, needs a good place to read. The Eames Lounge Chair is a design classic, matches my mid-century modern style and is damn comfortable as well. A good many books will be read in this chair. Available from Design Within Reach, 15% off for a limited time.

UGEARS Mechanical Locomotive $58

What ZipRage Wants For The Holidays 4

This wooden laser-cut dinosaur skeleton-esque locomotive model is too damn cool. The real beauty of these mechanical models isn’t just that they’re fully functional; it’s that you get to assemble the thing. Available on Kickstarter.

Ravenscroft Crystal Beveled Blade Decanter $139

What ZipRage Wants For The Holidays 5I’ve got the whiskey collection, I’ve got the crystal rocks glasses. I need a decanter and I love the looks of this one from Ravenscroft. Available on Amazon.







Stages Power Meter $869

StageONE-Crank-PileStages power meters are the sleekest way to add a power meter to a bike. No rebuilding wheels, no ugly cancerous growth on you chain-ring spider, just a small bump hidden on the back of non-drive side crank arm. Furthermore, they now offer a carbon fiber option. Available from Stages. While you’re at it, throw in a subscription to Zwift and train with real people online in a video game interface.

Hakushu 18 Year $200

10448769If I could find a bottle I’d just buy it, for now I’ll settle with the 12 year. A fantastic 18 year old Japanese whisky from the Hakushu distillery. Someday.







Opinel 112 “Les Essentiels” $38

41N6pC-pjrLOpinel makes great knives, one of their walnut folding knives quickly became my favorite EDC and around the house knife a few years ago. Their functional and look great. This set of kitchen tools, based on the reviews, seems to be no exception. Plus they look great. Available from Amazon.



DEWALT DWS709 Slide Compound Miter Saw $399

What ZipRage Wants For The Holidays 6When my current miter saw decided to eat it’s guard and spit it at me I decided it was time for something new. Currently my table saw is seeing all miter duties, but I’d like to see that change. This Dewalt will handle dimensional lumber up to 2×14. Sounds like the right addition to my workshop. Available from Amazon.


Synth Kit $158

1527477187355687974Synths are crazy fun, but first you need have one. Even better, I’d like to make one. This synth kit from littleBits looks like a fun project to make and a lot of fun to play with. Available from Amazon.


A Few More Quick Picks

Texas Power Bar $255 — I’m pushing the limits of my current bar on a couple lifts. Time to upgrade.

Homemade Gin Kit $50 — This list is starting to make me look like an alcoholic.

House Hydrant $50 — Quick connect water spouts to replace all my outdoor faucets, and their freeze proof. Very cool.

Topo Designs Duffel $100 — I have no real need for a new duffel, this one just looks amazing and it’s from a local startup that’s making awesome outdoor gear.




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